Autumn in Montana and Free Short Stories

It's two degrees Fahrenheit in Helena, Montana, right now. When I woke up it was minus two; the windchill was minus fifteen. My fiancée and I have the thermostats set to 65, but our small apartment's windows aren't double paned and the weatherstripping on our front door doesn't exist, so it's significantly colder than 65 degrees. The cat doesn't seem to mind (he likes to sit on the garbage can, which is by the heater and is thus warm). We humans compensate by wearing sweaters and long-sleeved shirts and curling up on the couch with cider and listening to music (Taylor Swift's 1989) and watching movies (Snowpiercer). 

* * *

I've added three short stories to this site: "Digital Selfie," "Number 67 Monroeville Downtown Via Oakland," and "Death Is Probably Almost Certainly the End." I wrote two of those stories a while ago, so you may have read them before; "Digital Selfie" is brand new. I've also linked to a story I published on Medium over a year ago, "The Top 10 Killer Ways to Write a List Post." 

You can find all the stories, as well as interviews and essays, here. Or by clicking "Other Stuff" in the nav bar.