New Headphones

I found a pair of headphones today. In the pocket of my black-and-white sweater, the one whose specific pattern of black and white makes my wife think it looks a little feminine but I don't care because I like the sweater—it's soft. 

Finding the headphones was a big deal, because my other pair of headphones are dying. My other pair of headphones started skipping ahead five or ten seconds during the Tim Ferriss Podcast at the gym a few weeks ago. Then the middle button on the remote started activating randomly and Siri would ask me what I wanted. And then the buttons on the remote wouldn't work at all. Yesterday, the left earbud gave out while I was taking a walk back from downtown and listening to Blackstar by David Bowie.

I thought I was going to have to buy new headphones. Did we have the money for new headphones? We hadn't budgeted for new headphones. 

But then today I found the ones in my sweater. I thought I'd lost them months ago. I hadn't lost them. They sound wonderful. They sound brand new.