A New Novel, Plus a Book Tour

For a while now I've been dropping hints about a new book I wrote (e.g. of hints, this tweet), and today I'm happy and proud to finally announce it.

My second novel (and third book [fourth, if you count the poetry collection I self-published when I was 19]), is titles Particles, and it will be published by Asymmetrical Press on May 5, 2015.

Here's the cover:

From the Back Cover:

When you’re born, you have no expectations. But if you were capable of having expectations, it would be reasonable to assume you would be held by your mother for more than eleven seconds; that after your cord was cut, you’d be wrapped in a blanket and then placed in the arms of your father; that you would see the woman who gave birth to you again sometime after you left that room. Melissa Lynn Gilpatrick gets none of these things. Instead, she’s born into a world full of midwestern religious values, a world of pornstars, a world of particle physicists and Broadway playwrights, a world of terrorism and technology and natural disasters.

In PARTICLES, Shawn Mihalik, author of Brand-Changing Day and The Flute Player, pulls us gently from our own reality before thrusting us violently into a deep, uncomfortable, and often hilarious exploration of the loneliness of existence and the connections we make as human beings in the first decades of the 21st Century.

And That's Not All

In addition to the new novel, I'll also be participating in my very first book tour this year. Through May and early June, I'll be traveling the Western U.S. and Canada with Colin Wright, Joshua Wagner, The Minimalists, and cellist Skye Steel in Asymmetrical's first WordTasting tour, something we hope to make a regular event. 

For a list of all the cities in which I'll be appearing, check out my tour page. And for more info about the tour (like where those other fine folks will be appearing that I won't) check out WordTasting.com.

Thanks to everyone who's helped make this new novel a reality, and thanks to everyone who reads and pays for my work. You all allow me to keep being a writer. I have more exciting things to share with you this year—stay tuned.