Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

I should have shared this weeks ago, but I've only just started getting into the rhythm of using this space as a place to share the interesting or important things I once might have felt the impulse to share on social media (and on social media I would also have felt the impulse to share uninteresting or unimportant things, hence why I'm no longer on it).

I helped produce this documentary, Minimalism, by my good friends Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, and directed by the talented Matt D'Avella, in partnership with the awesome folks at Spyr Media. And of course, Asymmetrical Press.

I didn't do a ton of work on the documentary, but I did run the tour during which the bulk of it was filmed, and I was present for many of the interviews. I've seen the film, and it's good. Really good. 

Josh and Ryan are touring with the film right now (they have a few cities left—all sold out, although I'm told there will be a handful of tickets at the door). I'll be at the Missoula premier. The film's worldwide release, in over 400 theaters, begins May 24 (find a screening near you).

And you can even preorder the film now. If you do, you'll receive six hours of bonus footage and interviews.

I'm proud to have played a small part in this film's creation. You should check it out.


The Mousetrap

Yesterday there was a Bernie Sanders rally in Missoula. 

A few days before, a friend of a friend shared the event on Facebook. She invited all her friends, including the friend of mine she is a friend of. "I RSVP'd," she said. "I hope everyone can make it." 

"10 AM?" a young man replied.  "I doubt I'll make it. That's way too early for me."

"Dammit," someone else said, "I'll be working." To which the original poster replied, "Fuck that. Call off. Tell them you have to go to the doctor. Because you are feeling the Bern." 

 "The irony," a fourth party commented.

Indeed, I thought, the irony.

But what do I know? I don't technically have a real job anyway. 

How to Write Better Live Workshop

Join me and Joshua Fields Millburn for a special How to Write Better two-hour workshop on Sunday, June 26, 2016, at 3 PM EST. We conducted one of these in February, and it was a lot of fun and full of useful, actionable information.

This online class will be full of detailed instruction on how you can write clearly, concisely, and beautifully. Whether you’re interested in creating more powerful business emails, improving your blogging skills, composing beautiful prose, or writing your first book, this class will point you in the right direction.

Our two hours together will include a plethora of writing tips and instructions culled from our expansive four-week online writing class, as well as years of experience writing books and building an audience of more than 4 million readers. We’ll also host a live, interactive Q&A session at the end of the workshop.

More details here.